The arawana

                                                     THE ARAWANA

                        osteoglossum bicirrhosum, osteoglossum ferreirai da familia dos osteoglossidaes


                        Black arawana ( osteoglossum ferreirai) of the Rio Negro basin

Relative of the arapaîma gigas, but  infinitely smaller, this strange fish is known by the naturalists for its propensity to gush from the water in the low branches of overhanging trees in order to grab large spiders and other bugs* wich constitue its daily menu. It also doesn't disdain the baitfish as well as our imitations. The arawana is essentially a still water specie that is found in the Amazon, the Araguaia/Tocantins, and Orinoco basins.

With its mouth evoking that of the tarpon, with two barbels on the chin, its snake looking  flat body armour plated with large scales, despite a relatively small size ( 10 to 12 pounds), the arawana is a very hard and exciting fighter, with an explosive and aerian defense. A very nice game fish that will give us a lot of fun on light tackle.

The tackle:

tip action n° 8 rod, baby-tarpon type reel, and short 30 to 50 Lbs fluorocarbon or hard nylon tippet.

The technique:

Prospect in priority the grassy benches edges and under the overhanging vegetation where its common to observe arawanas doing eddies on the surface. Strip slowly your streamer or popper, because the arawana often observes before to attack.


                                     The arawana's mouth ( osteoglossum bicirrhosum)

The flies:

fry-looking flies, poppers, and why not... imitations of giant spiders or large beetles dressed on popper bodies...

* The brazilians call the arawana " macaco d'agua"= water monkey.



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